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The End Is Nigh:

Please Dress Accordingly

Heriot Watt University, Graduate Collection, 2013
Fashion design, production and promotion including film and conceptual magazine; art direction, set design. 


Winner of the Watt Club Medal 2013 and the Incorporations of Bonnetmakers and Dyers of Edinburgh Prize 2013

Clothes/art direction—Sarah Hill

Photography/videography—Odin Gilles

Model/actor—Lynne Jefferies

Hair/make up—Diane Reid

What will you wear to the end of the world? Whatever you can find? By act-of-man or act-of-god, the world is ending so what can you do but see it out with a party of rags, raincoats and disco pants.

The creation of the collection involved research, fabric sourcing, design, garment technical drawing, patten cutting, sewing, styling, set design, directing a short fashion film and design for an accompanying magazine. 

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