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Not the Quiet Carriage

Kingston University, 2015
Shortlisted by international perfumer Givaudan and deafblind charity Sense in their annual competition at Kingston
Service design, proposals

Perfumer Givaudan provided a scent to inspire a design while charity Sense asked us to consider the use of all our senses to highlight deafblindness as a disability.

My response to a sweet, fruity smell was fond memories of the freedom and care-free attitude of childhood.


Developing the alternative 5 senses, a sense of adventure, belonging, imagination, achievement and humour, I designed 5 train carriages to help us to get to know our neighbours on the daily commute. 


Dead time usually filled with gloomy newspapers and empty social media can instead be filled with relationships, warmth, ideas, learning and fun.

Not The Quiet Carriage proposed 5 installations set in the carriages of a communtor train themed around The Alternative 5 Senses: a sense of humour, imagination, belonging, adventure and achievement. All promoted community or social cohesion by encouraging interaction with other communtors and reminding people of the fearlessness they felt as children.  

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