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I'm Sarah and I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and I love designing for a better world.


I am analytical, proactive and a strong visual communicator. I am currently a Senior Service Designer—I find design problems from research and observations, show them to others through mapping and visuals, and collaborate to solve them through ideation and prototyping. 

I'm an advocate for accessibility and inclusion, I like dabbling in content design and I'd like to work on how we can take more sustainable and planet-centred approaches to design. I have worked in graphic design, service design and fashion design and I'll try my hand at most other things 'design', given the chance. 


I am also a mentor, a bra fitter and an Upfront Global Bond member. I love contributing to uplifting and supportive communities. 

I've studied at the Service Design Academy in Dundee, Kingston School of Art in London and Heriot Watt University in the Scottish Borders.

If you would like to know more, get in touch by email, connect with me on LinkedIn or download my portfolio.

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