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Billy, Percy and Dolly go to Market

Photography Summer School 2013

Exhibited in Russell Square, London, at
The Bloomsbury Festival

Photography, Graphic Design, Words

Once upon a time, Billy the goat, Percy the pig, and Dolly the sheep were frolicking together in their field. They were the best of friends. One day,  Farmer Brown, who had cared for them all their lives, herded them onto a truck with all their friends. They went on a long journey, crammed together, and they were very hot and thirsty. 


After many tiring hours, they were herded off the truck into a big grey building with no windows. It smelled of urine, blood and fear.. One by one, they were electrically shocked, hoisted up by their legs, and their throats slit to let all the blood drain from their bodies.


They were frightened, they were sad, then they were dead. 


A few days later, Mummy brought home some tasty “food” for little John and Mary. It came from the supermarket and cost £2.50. The whole family enjoyed it very much. When John and Mary grew up, they too brought home tasty “food” for their children... and on and on it went forever more. 


Billy, Percy and Dolly did not live happily ever after.



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