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That time I got a first

20 June 2023

Women in oversized yellow coat and white boots sits in a bay window. The room is covered in reflective foil and the windows are painted out.

Ten years ago (last week) I graduated from BA Fashion Design for Industry. I thought I’d probably move to London, be a fashion designer and have a really cool time.

In my career, no one’s ever asked me what mark I got. Usually, when people say that, they follow up that it didn’t matter. I got a first. It did matter.

It didn’t matter because of the mark (no one cares… did I mention it was a first though?). It mattered because of what I did to get it. I coasted through earlier years but, in that year, I worked to my capacity so I couldn’t wish I'd tried harder.

I taught myself to plan, multi-task and pack things into the day. I loved what I did. I thrived. I was passionate. I overcame challenges. I learned what I cared about and how to express that creatively. And I brought others along with me for collaboration (hi Team Eduardo).

I did move to London, I briefly was a fashion designer, and it wasn’t very cool. Now, I have a much better time designing for social good, collaborating as part of great teams and planning like there’s no tomorrow; I work really hard. That’s what I actually learned I’m really good at.

Happy decade in industry to all the Gala folks, especially Team Eduardo.

P.S. Remember that time I got a first?


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